3 companies comprise the group as of 01.01.2012, the first of which is Danta Consulting and Contracting Ltd. Co., founded in 1992 in Izmir and operative in Denizli since 2000.

The founder and leader of the group is Civil Engineer Ms. Sc. Mr. A. Avni ┼×ahin, alumni of Robert School of Engineering (1960) and Stuttgart Technical University-Stuttgart TH (1966). He is well-versed in the German school of engineering as a result of his long standing experience working in German engineering circles assuming posts of responsibility and conforming to the well-known authority and discipline expectations of the same.

Upon his return to his homeland, he realized semi-precast dwelling compounds, steel construction and especially precast construction projects. He has projects which are taught at reputable universities.

After he decided to consolidate his experience under a family company, he erected a precast reinforced concrete units factory in Denizli. Eventually the brand name "danta prefabrik" was concuptualized and registered.

Second company of the group, Danta Natural Stone ws established in 2006. As irrelevant to the operations of the first company as it may appear, the travertine deposits of the region made natural stone a most viable business venture. Hence the start-up of a workshop for mosaics production and export in 2006. The next year witnessed the erection of a slab production and CNC processing plant on 15.000m2 of land in Denizli industrial region. Registration of the brand "danta mermer" followed.

Rapid growth of the first company called for the establishment of a construction company to take over shipment and construction functions so that a focussed operation of precast construction units would be possible. Third company of the group; Danta Construction Ltd. Co. was thus founded in 2008. The company owns 6.000 m2 of storage and shipment space 100m from production facility.

Operations of each company are explained in dedicated web pages. Each company strives to grow on own equity by satisfying demands of revered customers.